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The Biology Students’ Research Society (BSRS) is a youth research organization, which main focus is educating biology students, members and the general public on biology related topics, as well as researching and studying the biodiversity of the Republic of Macedonia.

It was founded in 1995 by the then students and demonstrators, now professors and assistants at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje. BSRS is currently the only youth research society in Macedonia and it’s one of the oldest youth organizations in the country which is continuously active.

BSRS’s activities are divided in three areas: education of the membership on applicable biology and ecology, organization of field activities/trainings and publishing.


BSRS’s structure consists of sections or groups in the society, which work on researching a specific taxonomical group. There are around 15 sections which are constantly active or active on demand and their structure includes a mentor and a manager, who organize the work/activities in them.

  • – Entomological (insects),
  • – Algological,
  • – Mycological (fungi),
  • – Ornithological (birds),
  • – Arachnological (spiders),
  • – Floristic,
  • – Biochemical-physiological,
  • – Mammalogical (mammals)
  • – Macrozoobenthos (aquatic invertebrates) are some of the currently active sections.

Every year, BSRS organizes three field trips around the country, two of which are one-day trips and one is a big two-week trip. These field trips are meant to educate the membership as well as to provide the opportunity for collecting, recording and archiving of biological material.

After the field trips, the material gets processed in a lab, labeled and sorted at the Institute of Biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje.

In every four years, BSRS publishes its own scientific journal: “Biology Students’

Research Society Newsletter”, in which papers in the field of biodiversity are published.Alongside the scientific-research activities, the society organizes educational and popular events such as: educative walks, photo competitions, lectures on the current biology and ecology topics, symposiums etc.

BSRS motto is: With theory on the field!

Of great importance is the collaboration with other institutions in the country and abroad, for exchanging knowledge, experiences and results in different fields of biology.

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