On the 20th of October, the Biology Students’ Research Society had their 3rd International Symposium of Biology Students?.

The Symposium took place under the auspices of the 5th Congress of Ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia?, which was organized by the Macedonian Ecological Society?. The organizers dedicated a one-day session to the Symposium of Biology Students` Research Society. Hence, the students have had a great opportunity to present and promote their work in front of the international scientific community. In addition, the students were able to exchange their experience and knowledge.14633372_1845991882299532_8414183353736073228_o
A total of 15 poster presentations and one oral presentation (“Ecological Status Assessment based on Aquatic Macroinvertebrates – The Belicka River (R.Macedonia) Case Study”.) were given. Unlike the previous two symposiums, this year the students had the chance to give a 5 min presentation for their posters. Moreover, anyone interested had an opportunity to approach the author and ask questions.

Besides students from the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, Skopje, who are also members of BSRS, we also had participating students from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Skopje, and the Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad (Scientific Research Society of Biology and Ecology Students “Josif Pančić”?), Serbia.

We deeply thank MES? for giving us, the students, the opportunity to be part of the Congress. We also offer our appreciation to all mentors, professors and people involved, who have made all this possible.

We encourage all students in the future to work hard and be brave in their researches. Eventually they will find themselves presenting their work and feel proud of what they have accomplished.

Some of the poster presentations you can see here:ecological-status-assessment-based-on-aquatic-macroinvertebrates-the-belicka-river-r-macedonia-case-study conservation-important-butterflies-in-an-under-researched-part-of-macedonia-plachkovitsa-and-maleshevo-mountainsmedicinal-fungi-in-macedonia-and-its-use succession-of-necrophagous-fauna-on-pig-and-rat-carrion-in-suburban-area-in-skopje-r-macedonia seasonal-variation-of-the-arbutin-content-in-wild-growing-population-of-arctostaphylos-uva-ursi-l-spreng-from-korab-mountain-copy_ick-1_final slide1 rove-beetle-dinothenarus-flavocephalus-goeze-1777-coleoptera-staphylinidae-new-forensic-indicator-of-season-of-death poster-marija-pitoseska-2016-berovo great-cormorant-colony-at-the-island-of-golem-grad-prespa-lakediatom-diversity-in-the-region-of-mariovo